Polyurethane Timing Belts consist of two components a cast Polyurethane shell and a high grade steel cord tension member. The excellent bod between the two materials results in a very high power transmission capacity.

The manufacturing process-cast moulded polyurethane-combines the

following advantages:

The cast polyurethane timing belt is an exact image of the precisionengineered mould. High pitch accuracy is achieved over the entire belt. The technology is particularly suitable for applications requiring high levels ofangular accuracy, smooth running characteristics, high rotational speeds and long life.

Excellent linearity with high pitch accuracy and repeatability allows the length to be optimised by adjusting the cord tension.

The casting method combines with the capillary effect, producing an

exceptionally high strength bond with the steel tension members.

The high reproduction quality of the cast polyurethane process enables fine contoured features and smaller belt pitches to be moulded. Double-sided belts and profiled flights on the back of the belt can be moulded


The process produces an effective belt width of up to 300 mm.Belt lengths from 55 mm to 6000 mm endless length.